Client Exonerated of over 100 Felony Counts

Wholesale supplier of convenient type grocery items, including extensive tobacco products, was accused in a 100 plus count indictment for participation in a large scale tax fraud scheme. Charges included tax evasion, tampering with records, obstruction of justice and money laundering. Client was alleged to have understated sales, prepared fraudulent tax returns and manipulated business records. Marein and Bradley countered at trial that the investigation was flawed as based upon cooperating witnesses who themselves engaged in extensive criminal activities and who were cooperating with the government to avoid prosecution. After a two-week jury trial, client was found NOT GUILTY of over 100 felony counts. Client was convicted. of two petty misdemeanor counts which Marein and Bradley appealed. Court of Appeals vacated the two misdemeanor convictions resulting in client being completely exonerated of all charges.