Help for Criminal Charges in Canton

Despite its moderate size of less than 100,000 residents, the city of Canton faces the type of crime usually seen in more populous cities. In fact, Canton was recently named one of the ten most dangerous small cities in the United States! Criminal offenses prosecuted in the city include:

  • Serious theft crimes, such as robbery and burglary
  • Violent crimes
  • Homicide
  • Weapon offenses

As such, the local police are cracking down on crime and prosecutors are vigorously pursuing the most serious penalties for even minor offenses. If you find yourself charged with a crime in Canton or Stark County, Ohio, it is in your best interests to immediately engage a seasoned criminal defense firm.

Expert Legal Services for Canton Residents

Marein & Bradley have been fighting to protect the rights of the accused in Canton since 1996. Our dedicated team has the resources and experience to stand up to aggressive prosecutors and ensure that you are treated fairly by the court. No matter what charge you are facing in Canton, Marein & Bradley can help.

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