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Located in Clark County in Southwestern Ohio, Springfield is a city with nearly 60,000 residents. A chronic shortage of police officers over the past several years has led to instability in the city’s crime rates; incidents of serious violent crime such as rapes and homicides have become somewhat more frequent. Other common offenses in Springfield include theft crimes (such as larceny, robbery, and auto theft) and DUI or OVI. Local law enforcement seek to reduce crime through targeted initiatives that focus on property crimes and domestic violence, among other concerns.

Prosecutors in Springfield are aggressive in pursuing convictions both misdemeanor and felony. For example, if a loved one who initially accused you of domestic violence later chooses to drop the charges, the state will continue with the case against you. If you or someone you care about has been placed under arrest in Springfield, only an experienced defense attorney can work to get your charges dropped or lessened.

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Regardless of whether you have been wrongly accused of a crime in Springfield or simply made a mistake you now regret, Marein & Bradley’s nationally renowned defense attorneys will fight tirelessly for you in court. Since 1996, founding partners Mark Marein and Steve Bradley have become well-versed in the policies and practices of Springfield and Clark County’s courts. Our expert attorneys can counsel you on the ideal steps for your unique circumstances, negotiate with the state to obtain favorable plea bargains or diversion offers, and effectively argue your case in court if necessary.

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