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Along with Hamilton, Middletown is one of the biggest cities in Butler County in Southwest Ohio and part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. Despite its moderate size of less than 50,000 people, Middletown has one of the highest rates of property crimes per capita in Ohio and an overall crime rate higher than the national average. Unfortunately, this has contributed to Middletown’s reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in Ohio. Common criminal charges in Middletown include:

  • Violent crimes, such as assault and homicide
  • Theft and property offenses
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug-related crimes

The consequences of a criminal conviction can be far-reaching, negatively impacting future job prospects, ruining your reputation, and determine where you can or cannot live. To avoid these devastating repercussions, you need the help of a trustworthy criminal defense team.

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Marein & Bradley’s award-winning legal experts have had great success in fighting charges in Middletown and greater Cincinnati. Our team will thoroughly examine all aspects of your unique case in order to determine the strongest possible defense. No matter what charges you are facing, we have fought all manner of misdemeanor and felony accusations and prevailed in court.

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