Client Found Not Guilty of Aggravated Murder

Client prosecuted for the execution-style killing of his landlord over a money dispute. Police searched client’s home and seized a handgun which was tested by a police crime laboratory. Ballistics resulted in a report that the client’s gun fired the bullet that was removed by a pathologist during the autopsy.

Marein and Bradley employed the assistance of a nationally renowned criminalist/professor who had developed a body of research questioning the reliability of ballistics/tool mark identification.

Marein and Bradley filed pre-trial motions seeking to limit the opinions that could be offered from police ballistic experts. The trial court ruled in favor of the motion filed by Marein and Bradley. At trial Marein and Bradley aggressively attacked the testimony of a witness who claimed to see the killing and caused the ballistics evidence to be reduced to little or no value. After a two-week jury trial, the client was found NOT GUILTY of all charges, including aggravated murder.