Doctor Found Not Guilty of Rape

Board certified medical doctor was accused of sexual assault, including attempted rape, of a nurse at a local hospital. The complaining witness testified at trial that she was physically attacked by the doctor in the physician’s lounge on a weekend when few doctors were in the hospital. Numerous nurses were called by the prosecution to describe the emotional reaction of the complaining witness after leaving the lounge.

Marein and Bradley engaged in extensive pre-trial investigation of the complaining witness and learned that the witness had a number of arrests and/or convictions under an alias name. Additional investigation revealed that the witness had serious financial issues which may have been the motivation to manufacture the allegations. These issues were fully developed during an extensive cross-examination of the witness at trial. After a week-long jury trial, the doctor was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. All records relating to the case have since been sealed allowing the doctor to resume his career.