On behalf of my wife, my family

Mr. Bradley,

On behalf of my wife, my family, and myself, we would like to thank you for your time and honesty. Not many attorneys have the class that you do in being truthful. Specifically, you are in today’s prayers of my wife and my son along with mine. I only called your office because so many told me to and your reputation preceded you. I am fortunate enough to have spoken to you briefly and from that conversation, I went away with answers to other questions that will indeed lead me home to my wife and son sooner than expected. When I explained to my wife our conversation, she cried yet we both felt a serenity in knowing the truth—no b.s., no false hope, and even so we gained what could be an early release by 3+ months. Thank you again and please thank T. for her assistance in putting me in touch with you. I would say that I would call you if there is a need, however, there is none. This is my first and last time in trouble. We wish you, T., and your families well, happiness, and prosperity. God bless.