Bond Hearings

Fighting for Fair Bail in Cleveland

How Does Bond Work?

When an individual is arrested and booked for a crime in Ohio, he has several options for release pending the conclusion of his case. A judge may require bail to guarantee a defendant’s appearance at his court hearing if he is considered to be a flight risk or a potential danger to the community. Bail can take the following forms:

  • A cash bond, where the defendant deposits the full amount set by the judge and receives a refund of the monies deposited with the court upon conclusion of the case.
  • A surety bond, where the defendant has a bail bondsman intervene on his behalf to post a promissory note for the full amount of the bond. In return, the bondsman receives a one-time, non-refundable fee of typically 10% of the stated bond amount.
  • A 10% bond, where a defendant deposits 10% of the bond amount, with the other 90% to be paid if the defendant fails to appear at future court dates. If the defendant consistently appears, the defendant will be entitled to a full refund minus a small fee payable to the court.
  • A personal recognizance bond, where the defendant signs a statement promising to appear at all future court dates. Failure to appear at a subsequent hearing can result in an additional criminal charge.
  • An unsecured appearance bond, where a defendant essentially promises in writing to appear in court as required. The defendant agrees to pay a stated sum of money should they fail to appear in court as promised.
  • A property bond, where a defendant can pledge as collateral real estate, so long as there is equity in the property of at least 2x the stated bond amount.

Why Representation at Bond Hearings is Important

Bail amount is set by a judge at a bond hearing. If it is set too high, you may not be able to be released from jail while you await trial. A skilled Cleveland defense attorney is needed to fight for you at your bond hearing and make sure that your bail is fair.

Would you like representation at a bond hearing in Cleveland, Ohio?

    Bond Hearing Experience You Can Trust

    Marein & Bradley sets the standard for excellent representation at bond hearings. Our Cleveland criminal defense team is highly qualified to reduce your bail to a reasonable amount or secure your release on your own recognizance. We can also help you post your bond and represent you at your court hearings. Contact us to take the first step toward resolving your case.