Experts at Sealing Criminal Records in Cleveland

With routine background checks of potential and current employees, renters, and students in Ohio becoming more and more common, you may have had difficulty in pursuing the life you want due to your past mistakes. Expungement of your criminal conviction (also known as sealing a criminal record) is an excellent way to put your past behind you for good.

How Does an Expungement Work?

If the court awards an expungement of your criminal record, all official records pertaining to your case are sealed, as if you had never been convicted of the crime at all. You can live your life without having to disclose your past conviction when applying for a job, looking for an apartment, pursuing a professional certification, or applying to become a citizen. Having a clean slate is especially important for juveniles and young adults, who may only now be realizing the lifelong impact a criminal record can have.

Am I Eligible for an Expungement?

There are many factors to consider when determining one’s eligibility for an expungement. Some crimes are precluded from expungement under Ohio law. Other factors include whether or not you were subject to a mandatory prison term, whether the statutory waiting period for your conviction has passed, and whether you have any current criminal charges pending against you. If you are interested in having your criminal record sealed, you need an experienced Cleveland criminal defense attorney on your side.

Need assistance with an expungement in Cleveland, Ohio?

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