Judicial Release

Sentence Reduction Options in Cleveland

What is Judicial Release?

Judicial release, formerly known as “shock/super shock probation” in Ohio, gives sentencing judges the authority to grant a defendant’s early release from prison provided that they meet certain criteria outlined by the state. Judicial release is a valuable tool for getting your life back on track and rejoining society sooner.

Can I or My Loved One Apply for Early Release?

The laws about judicial release can be very confusing for inmates and their families to understand. In the Ohio Revised Code, an “eligible offender” means any person who, on or after April 7, 2009, is serving a sentence that includes one or more non-mandatory prison terms. Other eligibility factors include the length of your term, how far into your term you are, and the degree of your felony conviction. A defense attorney with expertise in judicial release can help you determine whether you or your loved one might qualify for a reduced sentence.

Do you need assistance with judicial release in Cleveland, Ohio?

    Experts in Ohio’s Judicial Release Laws

    Marein & Bradley have years of experience in drafting motions for judicial release and have helped many inmates get out of prison early. If you have a question about this complex process or desire assistance in pursuing judicial release, please contact us today.