Sex Crimes

Vigorous Defense for Rape and Other Sexual Allegations

Criminal offenses that are sexual in nature can result in lengthy prison terms and probations, as well as profound social stigma. The most common sex offenses in Ohio include:

  • Rape, or engaging in sexual conduct by force or while the other person’s ability to resist is substantially impaired
  • Sexual battery, when an offender coerces another to submit to sexual conduct or engages in sexual conduct without the other person’s knowledge, or while the other person’s own conduct is substantially impaired
  • Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, also known as statutory rape
  • Voyeurism, or invading another person’s privacy or trespassing for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification
  • Public indecency, defined as public nudity or sexual conduct
  • Prostitution offenses, including compelling, promoting, enticing, or soliciting prostitution

Do You Face Sex Crime Charges in Ohio?

Regardless of whether or not the claims are true, any sexual allegation can be devastating to you and your loved ones. A conviction for rape, sexual battery, or another sexual offense will have lifelong consequences, such as losing your job and your relationships, having to register as a sex offender, and losing custody of your children. With so much on the line for you and your family, put your trust in Marein & Bradley.

Have you been charged with a sex crime in Cleveland, Ohio?

    Help from a Highly Distinguished Sex Crimes Firm

    Marein & Bradley has successfully handled a wide variety of sex crimes cases in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Our legal team develops innovative strategies, brings in nationally-renowned consultants, and runs a complete discovery process to obtain independent evidence, all with a singular focus on protecting your freedom.  Contact us today; we promise to treat you with the privacy and dignity you deserve.