Criminal Damaging

Superior Criminal Damaging Defense in Cleveland

What Does “Criminal Damaging” Mean?

In Ohio, criminal damaging or endangering is defined as any substantial risk of physical harm knowingly and recklessly caused to property. Damage can be caused by tampering with mechanical parts or by means of fire, explosion, poison gas, radioactive materials, or any other inherently dangerous substance.

Have You Been Charged with Criminal Damaging?

Criminal damaging is a second-degree misdemeanor in Ohio; however, if the property damage in question could endanger the lives of others or is related to an aircraft, you could be charged with a felony. As such, criminal damaging is a very serious legal matter that warrants the best defense attorneys in Cleveland.

Comprehensive Property Damage Defense

Partners Mark Marein and Steve Bradley set the standard for property damage defense in Northeast Ohio. Please contact Marein & Bradley today for a thoughtful review of your case and advice on how to best proceed.


Have you been accused of criminal damaging in Cleveland, Ohio?