Weapon Offenses

Gun, Firearm, and Other Weapons Charges in Cleveland

Many citizens in Ohio are proud gun owners who enjoy recreational hunting, sports shooting, and gun collecting. These activities are well within your rights under the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms. However, each state also has the right to impose firearms-related laws. In Ohio, limits to gun ownership can lead to the following common weapons offenses:

  • Possessing an illegal firearm or other illegal weapon
  • Carrying a gun or concealed weapon without the appropriate license
  • Firing or discharging a weapon within a residential area
  • Illegally possessing a handgun possession by a minor
  • Firing a weapon from a motor vehicle
  • Possessing a gun if you have been convicted of a felony
  • Using a firearm while intoxicated

Ohio also has ordinances against other dangerous weapons, including but not limited to automatic or sawed-off firearms, incendiaries, ballistic knives, explosive devices, and any weapons or ammunition created for military purposes.

Have You Been Charged With a Weapons Offense?

A weapons conviction can have serious consequences, even if you had no intention of committing a crime. If your offense is compounded with another alleged crime such as theft, assault, or homicide, your situation becomes even more precarious. You need immediate counsel from a proven criminal defense attorney in Cleveland.

Have you been charged with a weapon offense in Cleveland, Ohio?

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