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What Constitutes Vandalism?

Vandalism is defined by the state of Ohio as knowingly causing serious physical harm to an occupied structure or property that is owned by another, or any of its contents. Although vandalism may not seem like a major crime, destruction of property is taken very seriously in Cleveland and its surrounding communities.

Have you Been Arrested for Property Damage?

Vandalism can be prosecuted very strictly, especially if it involves damage to a government building, school, or cemetery. In Ohio, vandalism is classified as a fifth-degree felony with potential penalties of up to $2,500 in fines and 12 months in jail. The advice of a criminal defense attorney is needed to minimize the long-term consequences of a vandalism conviction.

Have you been charged with vandalism in Cleveland, Ohio?

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    The team at Marein & Bradley has extensive experience with a wide array of vandalism and property damage cases throughout Northeast Ohio, especially those involving young defendants. We can review your unique case and create an individualized defense strategy that will set you up for success in court. Coontact us today to discuss your options.