Drug Crimes

We have decades of experience handling all types of drug-related offenses.  This experience ranges from lower level misdemeanor offenses to felony drug offenses on both State and Federal levels.  The consequences and penalties of a drug-related conviction can be far reaching.  We have the skill and experience to identify complex legal issues that commonly arise in drug-related offenses and leveraging these issues in the defense of these cases.  We have a strong record of success in defending drug-related cases.

Fair Resolutions to Narcotics-Related Charges

Arrests and convictions for drug offenses dominate the criminal justice system in Ohio. Common offenses seen in the state include:

  • Trafficking (selling) controlled substances
  • Illegal manufacture of drugs
  • Illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for manufacturing drugs
  • Possession of a controlled substance or related paraphernalia
  • Unlawful purchase of pseudoephedrine, which is used to create methamphetamine

Are You Facing Drug Charges in Cleveland?

In Ohio and elsewhere in the country, the repercussions for even minor drug-related crimes can be severe due to very stringent state and federal drug laws. Penalties vary depending on the offense, amount, and kind of drug involved, but even small quantities of a controlled substance could constitute a felony. Without strong representation in court to ensure your fair treatment, a drug conviction could result in extended incarceration, expensive fines, or a court-mandated drug treatment program.

Have you been charged with a drug crime in Cleveland, Ohio?

    Marein & Bradley Excels at Defending All Drug Charges

    If you have been charged with illegal possession, manufacture, or distribution of any controlled substance in Cleveland or Northeast Ohio, the defense attorneys at Marein & Bradley have the resources and experience to protect you. We have been fighting drug charges for decades and are experts in cases involving the following drugs:

    • Anabolic steroids
    • Cocaine and crack cocaine
    • Ecstasy
    • Heroin
    • Inhalants
    • LSD
    • Marijuana
    • Methamphetamine
    • Mushrooms
    • PCP
    • Prescription drugs

    To learn more about how we can create an individualized defense for you, please contact us today.