Juvenile Crimes

Setting Adolescents and Teens in Cleveland Back on the Right Track

Youthful mistakes can put your child on the wrong side of the law in Ohio. Common juvenile offenses in the state include:

If Convicted, What Penalties Could My Child Face?

If your child is convicted of a crime or violates the terms of a juvenile diversion program in Cleveland, they may be subject to:

  • Incarceration, if charged as an adult
  • Placement in a juvenile detention facility
  • Suspension of his or her driver’s license
  • Court-ordered drug or alcohol treatment and monitoring
  • Mandatory medical or psychological counseling
  • Placement on probation, house arrest, or curfew
  • Payment of court fines
  • Serious consequences at schools, such as suspension or expulsion

The long-term impact of these penalties on a young person’s future can be devastating. A skilled criminal defense attorney is needed to ensure that young defendants learn their lesson without sacrificing their future.

Has your child been accused of committing a juvenile crime in Cleveland, Ohio?

    Support for Juveniles and Their Families

    As devoted family men themselves, Mark Marein and Steven Bradley understand that your family is going through a scary and stressful time. As such, they do everything they can to help juvenile defendants in Cleveland avoid harsh penalties. Instead, our clients often participate in community service or youth diversion programs that set them on the path to rehabilitation. To learn more about how we can help your child, please contact us.